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Six Reasons To Visit CompareBanks

Six Reasons To Visit CompareBanks

CompareBanks is the first online comparison website of financial products. This website provides easy comparison and access to banking products, both Asset and Liability. All you need to do is enter your basic information like your name, cell phone number, and CNIC number and choose your financial requirement. You will get a list of competitive products based on your requirements offered by our member banks. This is done by our loan calculator. Choose the product and Bank that best fits your financial needs and get contacted by the bank of your choice.

1.      You can find complete range of Financial Solutions

CompareBanks gives the users instant quotes on Consumer Financing and Deposit Products. This includes fixed deposit, term loan and running finance, credit card, car loan and home loan. The website enables You to make the most informed decision from the comfort of your home/workspace. This saves time as instead of calling up various Bank call-centers, visiting branches, going after bank representatives and visiting different banks online, you have all comparative information instantly.

2.      You can compare fee and Installments instantly

Just enter your requirements and you can compare rates, installments, processing fee, insurance and much more about the products that fit your need.

The website does not only give comparison based on the rate but the calculation of all fee and cost. This means giving the final out of pocket cost without any banking jargons.

3.      You get the most updated car prices and bank rates

All information is regularly updated and therefore CompareBanks gives you the most recent information and installment details for your loan.

4.      You can compare products offered by Conventional and Islamic Banks

CompareBanks has a range of products offered by big banks, both Conventional and Shariah Compliant.

5.      You can read guidelines and features in the ‘All you need to know about’ section and Blogs

There is more information about financial solutions to help you choose the right fit for your needs. The website shows the monthly installment you will be paying against your loan/ credit card and also the different features of the products.

The various articles and blogs on the website guide the visitors on various aspects like what they need to know before applying for loan, what to do if the Auto Loan is rejected, Common credit card mistakes, how to choose between various types of loans etc.

6.      You get Contacted within 2 working days

The services are not limited to just comparison, the website also connects the customers with the website’s member banks. Any customer who selects a bank/ product on the result page is contacted by the Bank’s team.

After you select your preferred bank and choose to be contacted, a sales person from the selected bank or CompareBanks’ team will call you within 2 working days.

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