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How much is my credit limit?

The limit is decided by the bank after looking at you incomes and other credit card and loans it can range from 50000 up to 200,000 depending on your financial standing.

What is the minimum amount I have to pay?

Generally your minimum payment is 5% of the total bill due.

How and where do I make my monthly payments?

You can make your monthly payments by paying cash over the counter at the bank, writing a cross cheque to your bank, or if you have a bank account in the same bank you can use internet banking or auto debit. Auto Debit automatically withdraws the total amount of your bill from your account.

What should I do if my Card is lost?

If your Credit Card is lost, stolen or even misplaced, immediately call your bank and have the card blocked by calling the call centre

What if I have a discrepancy / error on my monthly statement?

You should immediately call your bank and report the discrepancy. While you wait for the bank to resolve the error we will recommend you pay the bill anyway to avoid additional charges. The bank will credit the error in your favour in the next cycle.

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