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Why Use CompareBanks

There are so many different Credit Cards that are being offered by banks that comparing them yourself will take tremendous effort and time. will provide you a quick, easy and convenient way to compare various cards offered in Pakistan. You’ll be able to quickly identify which Credit Card is the right one for you. Be sure to check out our pro tips before you sign up for a Credit Card.

CompareBank Pro Tips

Did you know that Credit Cards are one product banks can actually make a loss on if YOU use them correctly?! Here are a few tips to make sure you avoid any fees or services charges:

  • Annual Fees: These can be waived by making purchases of a certain amount (varies bank to bank) on your Credit Card. You have to call the bank’s call center to request this waiver!
  • Monthly Bills: Always pay all your bills on time and in full.
  • Reward Points: Use your reward points for practical things like Fuel, or use them against your monthly bills / annual fees.
  • Mark Up: It is charged on the total amount outstanding on the card. In case of new purchases only, it is charged on the total amount of new purchases in a month.
  • Late Payment Charges: If you miss your monthly payment or pay your bill late, you will be charged a late payment fee.
  • Installment Plans: Products offered through installment plans are generally given a little over the market prices. Try to opt for the interest free options and avoid having the item cost you a lot more than it would have had your purchased it on cash.
  • Charges: Various bank have different charges for different transactions that you can make on your card some of the common ones are below. Be sure to go through the bank’s schedule of charges to be fully aware of what charges you may incur.
    • Cash withdrawal: in case you withdraw cash using your Credit Card the bank charges you a fee.
    • Over limit: in case you have exceeded your credit limit the bank charges you a fee.
    • International Transactions: when you use your card outside of Pakistan the bank charges you an international transaction fee
    • Card replacement: if you have lost your card or the card is damaged and you request a new one, the bank will charge you a fee for that.

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