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Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit is a savings product where you invest a specific amount of money for an agreed fixed duration. Banks offer you profits based on both the amount you have committed as well as the duration. The money you chose to invest in a Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit is not readily accessible like the way it is in a ‘Savings Account’. Therefore you should be careful to decide how much you are comfortable in investing and the duration of your investment.

There are a number of benefits that you gain from investing in Fixed Deposits / Term Deposits; they are risk free, they offer better rate of return / profit than regular savings accounts, and also help in safeguarding your money against inflation. Once you have a sizeable investment, it can supplement your income as well.

Here are a few basic concepts that about Fixed Deposits you should know before you start investing.

4 Things You Should Know About Fixed Deposits
  1. Principal Investment: This refers to the amount of money you have decided to invest into a Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit.
  2.  Interest Rate / Rate of Return / Profit Rate: This refers to the percentage of profit you earn on your account balance.
  3. Profit Calculation: Profits are calculated at a predetermined rate on different time intervals, such as, monthly, quarterly, bi annually, yearly and more. Profits are calculated only on your principal investment only.
  4. Profit Pay Out: Profits earned are transferred to your account / available for your use on agreed time intervals; these can be monthly, quarterly, yearly etc. –

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