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Premature Withdrawal / Early Withdrawal:

This refers to you terminating your Fixed Deposit / Term Deposit before your tenure is completed. Your bank will charge you a penalty and / or a service charge as per their schedule of charges when you do this. Profit is also calculated and adjusted when you withdraw prematurely from a term account. Detailed profit calculation is shared below.

Profit Calculation:

For instance you invest PKR 100,000.00 for 12 Months starting January 2014. The bank has offered you 10% profit rate per annum where the profit is calculated quarterly and paid quarterly.

Situation 1:

Here we will assume you DO NOT terminate your term deposit early. In this case every quarter you will receive = (100000*10/100)/4 = PKR 2500 every quarter, a total of PKR 10,000 per annum.

Situation 2:

Here we will assume you terminate your deposit 3 months before maturity. In this case you will receive =(100000*10/1000)/4 = PKR 2500 for 3 quarters only Minus your termination fees.


Be mindful of government taxes, Withholding tax and Zakat which is deducted as per policy of Govt. of Pakistan.

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